Vinica (Виница) – city in Macedonia


Vinica is city in eastern Macedonia with 10,863 inhabitants (2002).

Where is Vinica:
East Macedonia
43,267 ha
360 – 1745 m (1181 – 5725 ft)
Continental- Sub-Mediterranean
Dialing code:
+389 33
Postal code:
Time Zone:
Summer (DST):CST (UTC+2)
Celebration day:
August 30
41°52′N 22°30′E

Municipality of Vinica
Address: Bel Kamen bb, 2310 Vinica
Phone: +389 33 361 945
Fax: +389 33 363 294

The city lies on the contact between the plane of Kocani valley from the north and north-facing slopes of mountain Plackovica from south. Through Vinica passes the regional road Kocani – Berovo. The city occupies a total area of 335 ha. Vinica has continental- Sub Mediterranean climate and the average annual air temperature is 12.9 C (55.22 F). Through Vinica are flowing Vinicka and Gradechka River.
On the area of today Vinica, a settlement existed in the late ancient times. Confirmation for this is Vinicko Kale, on which terracotta icons were discovered (1985), and they fall into the range of the most exclusive in the area of early Christian art in Macedonia. As more rural settlement it occurs in XIX c., when the Bazaar is formed and became a commercial and market center for the villages on the left side Bregalnica.
Rich livestock market and the two yearly fairs enabled the development of more trade and craft shops and 10 hans (inns, rest houses).
As a result of the economic growth in 1858 in Vinica was built large and beautiful church dedicated Ss. Archangel Michael. However, the population in Vinica until the end of World War II stagnated. Then it starts to increase, with the greatest increases observed in the period after 1971 when settlement is declared a city.
From 10,863 which lived in Vinica during the 2002 census, Macedonians were 9.246 or 85.1%, Turkish 256, or 2.4%, Roma 1.209 or 11.1%, Vlachs 111 or 1.0%, Serbs 20 and other 21 residents.
Vinica is the seat of the Municipality of Vinica which covers an area of 43,267 ha, and there are 16 settlements with 19,938 inhabitants. One of the oldest factories in the city’s building materials industry “Proleter” founded in 1947. Then in 1964 factory was built for umbrellas “Vinka” apparel factory in 1977 “Vinicanka”, in 1972 the factory for mats “Treska – 30Avgust”, and in the metal industry factory “Minor”, the furniture company “Mebel Vi Vinica” and other .
 Part of the population is engaged in growing tobacco and rice, and many gone to temporary work abroad. In the city there is a secondary school, work university, Health Center and many trade and craft shops.

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