Mountain Biking in National Park Pelister

Hotel Molika and the unique, picturesque surrounding nature of National Park Pelister provide most attractive and adventurous mount bike experience.

There are several mountain biking tracks in the national park, among which most famous are:  


Mountain Biking Track:  Hotel Molika - Golemo Ezero (Pelister Lakes)

  • Track length: 35 km
  • Time: 6 hours (approx)
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Track Amplitudes: 1420 m - 2218 m – 1420 m above sea level:  
  • Begova cesma (Hotel Molika ) 1420 m  
  • Caparska preseka 1590 m
  • Small Lake   2180 m  
  • Big Lake    2218 m  
  • Hotel Molika    1420m  

Description: 3 parts mount bike track of which the second is most difficult while climbing to the peaks. Offers unbelievable opportunities for breathtaking panorama and sightsee.  

Recommended for experienced bikers.

Rounded mount bike track: Hotel Molika – Pelister Lakes  – Nize Pole village and back to hotel Molika

  • Track length:   48 km
  • Time:    8 hours (approx)
  • Difficulty:   Very hard
  • Track Amplitudes:  1420m – 2218 m– 1420 m   above sea level :
  • Begova cesma (Hotel Molika )  1420 m  
  • Caparska preseka    1590 m
  • Small Lake    2180 m  
  • Big Lake    2218 m
  • Nize Pole village     1100 m
  • Magarevo village     1115 m
  • Information Centre National Park Pelister    1350 m
  • Hotel Molika    1420 m  

Description: Mount bike track which combines many destinations through the National park Pelister in a round tour.  
Recommended for physically strong and experienced mount bikers.

Mount bike track: Hotel Molika - Malovishta village

  • Track length:   35 km
  • Time: 4 - 5 hours (approx)
  • Difficulty:   Moderate
  • Track Amplitudes: 1420 m – 1150 m – 1420 m   above sea level
  • Begova cesma (Hotel Molika)     1420 m  
  • Caparska preseka    1590 m
  • Capari village    1010 m
  • Malovishte village    1250 m    
  • Capari village    1010 m  
  • back to
  • Rotino village    1014 m
  • Golema Livada     1187 m
  • Information Centre – National Park Pelister    1350 m
  • Begova cesma (Hotel Molika)    1420 m  

Description: Bike track to the only settlement in the borders of the national park Pelister, lovely village of Malovishta. Fountain of folklore motifs, authentic old Macedonian architecture, churches, monasteries and historical recognition.  

Recommended for everyone.

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