Mountain Biking in National Park Pelister

Extreme mount bike track: Kopanki – Hotel Molika – Children Hostel – Golema Livada

  • Track length:    3,9 km
  • Time:    5 minutes (approx)
  • Difficulty:    Hard
  • Track Amplitudes:   1636 m – 1270 m – 1420 m  above sea level
  • Mountain house Kopanki  (Hotel Molika)    1610 m  
  • Begova cesma (Hotel Molika)    1420 m
  • Children hostel    1270 m
  • Mala Livada    1240 m
  • Golema Livada    1187 m  
  • and back to
  • Information Centre – National Park Pelister    1350 m
  • Begova cesma (Hotel Molika)    1420 m

Mount bike track with extreme furious letdown, bumps and jumps and fast curves. Unforgettable mixture of high speed, adrenaline flow and skillfulness.  
Ideal for organizing mount bike contests and races.


We sincerely hope that we will have an opportunity to welcome you in our hotel while you enjoy mount bike on Pelister.

Begova Cesma, National park Pelister,
Bitola , Republic of Macedonia  
+ 389 (0)  47 229 406  
+389  (0)  75 495 725
+ 389 (0)  47 229 048 ( fax )  
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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