Bike Tour - Ljubanci Sunset starts some hours prior the sunset. During daylight we ride through several of Skopje’s neighbourhoods: Chair, Butel, Radišani.

Ljubanci Sunset Skopje 01
At moments we face busy traffic though most of the time we move trough residential areas to avoid the traffic. Once passing Radišani we are out of the city and into the rural outskirts.
Our view changes from buildings and houses to fields and farms. From here on we start gradually to climb up the Skopska Crna Gora Mountain.
Regular pauses make the uphill not to be felt as a difficult ride, and gives us moments to enjoy the rural scenery. Within minutes we are in the village Ljubanci.

From here on a strong, but short ascent leads us to the monastery of St. Nikola. We make a short visit to the monastery. The monastery is inhabited by women monks so we must not interfere with their daily routine. Then we go to the spot where the sunset is seen well. We pause and sit there for some minutes to enjoy a moment of beauty and tranquillity of the sunset. A view of the West part of the Skopje Valley lays bellows. We see Skopje slowly sinking in darkness.

Then, we ride down, making a fast descent towards Skopje during the twilight. Throughout our descent, we enjoy the beautiful colours of the sky. We do stop on a couple of occasions to have another, better look at the sky. Within minutes we are back in Skopje and night has fallen.

Ljubanci Sunset Skopje 02


  • Only evening excursion, the return is during the twilight as it gets dark.
  • If you want to enter the monastery know that no visible knees or arms are allowed. So ware something that has longer sleeves both for the legs and the arms, or something to put on.


  • Option to take a dirt road on one or both of the ways. Difficulty will be increased. Duration will increase for about 1 hour.

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Mobile: +389 78 982981

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