On the left bank of the river Treska, where it emerges from steep Strait in the Skopsko field, near the village Glumovo, the monastery Matka with a church dedicated to Holy Mary is located.

sv-bogorodica-glumovoHow the monastery,and also whole this area got the name Matka is not known. It can be assumed that the church of the monastery, and also the monastery was central (Uterus - Matka) for more churches, monasteries and monastic hermitage that were in this part of the River Treska.
The church of the monastery Matka was probably build by Boyko, the son of an unknown woman ruleholder Danica, ktitor of the church St. Nikola (Nicholas) in the village of Ljuboten, in the fourteenth century. The inscription in the Ljuboten church from 1337 mentions that the son of "Mrs. Danica" Boyko was master of Matka, which does not exclude the possibility that even then there was the church of the monastery Matka.
The inscription above the entrance door from 1497, mentions some person Milica, who discovered the church, build again its roof, painted, raised porch and bought a vineyard for the monastery. The inscription mentions some Toshnik with his son Nikola (Nicholas) and Metropolitan Atanasie (Athanasius).
Some repairs to the church are made in the end of XIX century.
The church has a narrow form of a cross. Over the middle part rises octagonal dome, with four windows and four blind niches, which rely on pilasters. Apse on the outside is a three-sided. The windows are small and highly placed.
Painting originates from the late fifteenth century and has all the features of paintings from the Turkish period.
Inside can be recognized five areas of painting: full-length figures in medallions and scenes from Christ's Passion and major holidays. In the ground floor area of the western wall are painted donors Milica and Nicholas, in civil clothes.
Today the monastery Matka is a picnic area near Skopje with small restaurants in the vicinity  and toward leads asphalt road.

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