t. Joakim Osogovski Kriva Palanka

The inside of the church and the porch are painted by the crafty hand of four Macedonian painters. Dimitrij (Demetrius) Andonov Papradiski in the period of 1884-1945 with love has transferred all his skills, painting the northern and southern dome of the porch, west and south facade and arches above the porch on the south side.
In year 1884 here worked the painters Miron (Myron) Iliev, Avram Dicov and Gligorie Petrovic from village Tresonce, which have painted the middle dome above the porch on the west side of the church.

Most important part of the frescoes is on the west wall of the church, which was painted by Papradiski. One of the most characteristic paintings composition "Evangelical preaching of the Apostle Paul," in which the artist's hand entered and profane elements. On this remarkable mural the folk costume from Kriva Palanka glows with all its beauty.
The oldest building in the todays monastery complex is the small church Holy Mother of God, built in the fourteenth or sixteenth century, on the foundations of a church built in the XI - XII century. According to the building concept it is one nave small church, with cruciform base, and a three-sided apse outside porch. The building is characterized by the Byzantine style. It is built with two rows of brick and stone row in horizontal rows, with a thick layer of mortar between them. The church is one of the first medieval churches in Macedonia and it was painted recently.
The monastic quarters and grand dining room, as well as other auxiliary buildings, evidence the intense monastic life at a time when Macedonia was under Turkish slavery.
The monastery is open to pilgrims, visitors, passengers and tourists. Usually they come to venerate the miraculous relics of St. Joachim, which are kept in the church.
The feast of the temple on August 29, is a faithful flee for many visitors of monastery where thay can worship the saint.
The monastery is also a place for many cultural events, such as the International Art Colony "St. Joakim Osogovski" Summer School for Architecture and Colony of the Association of carvers.

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