Grad (City, Град) is ancient settlement located near Delčevo (Делчево), a few kilometers from the border with Bulgaria.

The name itself speaks about the existence of urban settlement in the past, which importance and prosperity were reached due to the proximity of civilization and communication between Vardar and Struma rivers.
Above the northeast side of the village rises high rocky hill called ,,Grado" on whose northern and eastern side flows the river “Pijavica”, and on which today is part of the ethno-park with many architectural objects.
The huge cave that has traces of human life in prehistoric times is naturally carved in the rock located versus "Grad". Around 3,000 years BC, on the hill was lived place peaceful and idyllic life, from which are preserved many ceramic vessels, with high artistic values.
Urban model and features the “Grad” neighborhood gets in the late antique period or in the period from IV to VI century. Then the hill was surrounded by walls and towers that guaranteed the safety of residents.
Not so far from the ancient time the city had control and strategic position in the region until the end of the VI century when the life fades out of it due to the barbaric devastation from the north and the plague epidemics.
More than 300 years location "Grad" was not in the area of interest to people who then passed the darkest part of the history of the Middle Ages. It lasted until the eleventh century when gradually restored citadel and lower town of which are found only segments.
On the top stood towers which had guaranteed the safety for the state administration and the citizens. Exposed metal objects among which the most numerous are tools, weapons and coins, write the historical picture of a Byzantine town which have pulsed until the beginning of XIV century.
In the XIII and XIV century in the region dominated by Venetian merchants whose silver coins were discovered in ground layers in the city.
During the Ottoman rule started the decadence of “Grad” through which the urban settlement became a village as it is today.
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