Village Gradesnica, the birth place of one of the most famous Macedonian folk characters “Itar Pejo” (Итар Пејо, Sly (Clever) Peter) is located on the flow of Gradeska River (Градешка Река), a natural beauty which enriches the panorama of the village.

Gradesnica is a hill village and  lies on 800 meters above sea level, 52 km distant from Bitola in Municipality of Novaci.


The date when the village is formed is not known, but according to archeological findings, in this place a continuity of life exists since prehistory. One proof for this is the ceramic plate decorated with spirals, which was built in the walls of the church St. George in the upper part of the village.

gradesnica-mariovo-03-sv-gjorgi  The continuity of organized living since pre-historic time in this region is testified by the findings of ceramic objects decorated with spirals, some of them build in the walls of the church St. George. 

Also, what only few people know, is the fact that in this village in 1952 a tooth of Mastodont is found. It’s one of the nine such artifacts found in Macedonia, now kept in the museum of Nature in Belgrade.
The village celebrates the St. Ilija (Ilinden) holiday, in the nearby monastery, where large numbers of emigrants from Gradesnica and from all surrounding villages gather.


Monastery St. Ilija (Bren) – Св. Илија - Брен

Church Sv. Dimitrija (St. Demetrius)

At the entrance of the village near the cemetery the Church St. Dimitrij (Св. Димитрија) is located. The church St. Dimitrij is one of the oldest churches in the Bitola region and it dates back from XV century and it is built in stone and mortar, covered with stone plates.



In the interior, the altar part is divided with mason iconostasis, which presents true rarity.
During the First World War, the church was hit by a grenade, which had damaged the roof, but didn’t explode.

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