Isak (Ishak) Celebi Mosque in Bitola

Isak (Ishak) Celebi Mosque (Kadi Ishak Çelebi Cami or Ishakkiye) is the largest and main mosque in Bitola, situated along the north bank of the Dragor River.

This area was known as Bit pazar in the quarter of Emir Bey or Eyne Bey, also known as Ishak Çelebi mahalle.

Built in 1506, the whole mosque complex was ideally situated between the government buildings, covered bazaar Bezisten and the Big Bridge to the other side of the river connecting it with the main street Sirok Sokak.
Popularly known as Ishakkiye, this monumental mosque was named after its founder, Judge Ishak Çelebi ibn Isa, son of Isa Fakıh. After being a judge in Salonica for many years, Ishak Çelebi was appointed to the Kadi’s bench in Manastır where he moved with his family.

Isak Mosque with Dragor river - painting by Edward Lear 1848

Panorama of Bitola (Monastir) with Isak Mosque (Right), Dragor River and Pelister Mountain. Drawing by Edward Lear, September 1848

The date of the mosque construction was given in the last verse of the chronogram (Ebced) and it is 1506.

Today Isak mosque is a monument of culture of first category in Republic of Macedonia, which with its spectacular size and 50 meter high minaret dominates the area and can be seen from many sides of the city.
The complete mosque was recently restored by the Turkish International Agency for Cooperation and Development - TIKA.

Isak Mosque Bitola

Panorama  of Bitola with Isak Mosque in the beginning of XX century

Isak Mosque and the surrounding shops during the First World War

Isak Mosque and the surrounding shops during the First World War


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