Jakupica Mountain

Jakupica is high mountain range that rises in the central part of Republic of Macedonia.

It is impressive mountain range which is composed of several mountainous parts, morphologically and structurally interconnected in a whole. These are: Karadzica (Караџица), Goleshnica (Голешница), Dautica (Даутица), Salakova (Салакова), Kitka (Китка) and others. Jakupica extends in a north west – south east with the highest peak Solunska Glava (transl. Thessaloniki Head) (2540 m). The peak Solunska Glava is sharp, cone-shaped in appearance, rocky and karstic. From the top you can see most of the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, and at very clear time, according to hearsay is seen even to the Gulf of Thessaloniki, from where the name originates. Due to its position and dominance, Solunska Glava has great strategic importance for Republic of Macedonia. At the very top and its base has several huge precipices - deepest in Macedonia. Southeast side, there is an amphitheater section almost 1000 m deep, in the bottom of which is the source of the river Babuna.
Panoramio photos from Solunska Glava Jakupica is also known and popular under the toponym Wet Mountain.
From surface karst fields we can mention five, among which are: Solunsko Pole (Thessaloniki Field), which is located 1,990 meters above sea level and Shilegarnik (Шилегарник) 2050 meters above sea level, which is the highest craggy field of the Balkan Peninsula. From underground karst forms, stands Thessaloniki ruin with a depth of 450 m, which is the largest in the country.
In one of the cirques are Big and Small Lake Salakovo. Jakupica presents hydrographic node. It is the source of Crest rivers: Babuna, Topolka, Kadina Reka, Markova Reka, Belica (Beleshnica) etc.. Jakupica is rich in endemic flora and fauna.


















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