National Park Galicica

National Park Galicica covers an area of 25,000 ha, of which approximately 11% is privately owned.

The lowest point is the level of the lake 695 meters above sea level and the level of Lake Prespa 850 meters above sea level. The highest peak is Magaro (Магаро) at 2255 meters above sea level. The Mountain Galichica has developed relief with deep valleys and steep slopes toward the two lakes. Because the relief features, the only range of Galichica is divided into four separate sections.
The section south of “Zli Dol” is named as “Stara Galicica” (Old Galichica). It is the highest and most remarkable embossed part of the national park. Its steep sides cut off to lakes and blistered with the mountain gullies, gives the appearance of inaccessibility. In the central part a broad plateau is formed with an altitude greater than 2000 m.
On the north of it is the part Galichica. The highest peak “Vakoski Gnoj” has a central position and height of 1999 m. In this part of the mountain width is smallest (9.75 km). Slopes towards the Ohrid lake are steep and similar to those of the previous section, while milder slopes down into Lake Prespa. Central plateau is at a height of about 1400 m and from it are formed four karst fields.
The rest of the massif meridian is divided into two parts: “Petrino” which gravitates towards Ohrid and “Istok” (East) toward the Prespa Valley.

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Geology and hydrology
Basic geological foundation of Galichica is mostly of Paleozoic metemorph silicates, covered with a layer of spongy massive limestone 500 - 550 m thick. This geological structure and the presence of karst geomorphological forms on the mountain, give the appearance like the mountains of Dinara system. On Galitchica we can encounter “shkarpite”, “vrtachite”, “uvalite” and karst fields (surface karst forms), and caves and pits (underground karst forms).
Geological surface and morphology of the mountain made a big impact on increasing landscape and aesthetic values of the park and represent one of the conditions for the emergence of high biodiversity and characteristic of wildlife.
Water permeability of the limestone layer made Galichica one of the driest in the mountains of Macedonia. In its regions there are only a few permanent sources with very low yield. Sometimes in years with heavy snowfall in spring emerge water sources, which eventually dry up in summer.
Unlike the mountainous area, the coastal Ohrid area is rich in water sources. Most characteristic is the source near the monastery of St. Naum.

IZVORI sv-naum
It consists of thirty underwater and fifteen coastal sources, with a total capacity of about 7.5 cubic meters per second. Sources form a small lake pool with an area of 30 ha and maximum depth of 3.5 m. Within the lake are created two small islands. In recent surveys of water sources in the auxiliary natural radioisotopes confirmed the assumption that some of them come from Prespa lake, whose level is higher than the level of the Ohrid lake, for about 150 m.
Besides geological and hydrological characteristics of the source is characterized by great wealth of flora and fauna which increases its ambient value.
On the border of the national park near Ohrid are located Biljana springs “Biljanini Izvori” which are one of the most visited places on the coast.

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