Добро Поле Мариово

Dobro Pole (Добро Поле, Dobro Polje) is WW1 location in Municipality of Novaci on the Macedonian - Greek border. This is the location of one of the decisive battles on the Macedonian Front.

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The Battle of Dobro Pole (Добро Поле, Dobro Polje)

With the relocation of most German units on the Western Front in spring 1918, the position of the Central Powers on the Macedonian front was further deteriorated.

The morale among starving Bulgarian army was at exceptional low level and more soldiers deserted on the other side, some of them leaving behind a letter, saying: "Empty backpacks do not defend borders".
In this situation the command of the Entente saw a great opportunity to put additional pressure on the Germans, who were already withdrawing on the Western Front, through a strong offensive on the Macedonian Front. The main attack was planned on the locality called Dobro Pole (Dobro Polje, Добро Поле - literate translation - Well Field).
Dobro Pole is locality between the peaks Sokol (Сокол - Falcon) and Veternik (Ветерник – Windy place) of Nidze Mountain and many allied generals believed that the attack on this location would be a suicide, since as an open field it is easily defended. On the other hand, the surge of this place would mean a total collapse of the entire Bulgarian defense, therefore, the Allies were willing to take that risk.
The attack began at the September 14, 1918  with artillery bombardment of several positions. On September 15 at 5:30 pm followed the infantry attacks. According to the testimony of local population which remained in small number in the nearby villages - "The earth was burning from the heavily bombardment."


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