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Kratovo – the city of towers and bridges is located in the north east part of the Republic of Macedonia with 6.924 inhabitants (2002).

Kratovo lies on the western slopes of Osogovo Mountain, on both sides of the Kratovska River, at the bottom of an extinct volcanic crater, at an altitude of about 700 m. It covers an area of 220 ha and has a moderate continental climate with an average annual air temperature of 11,6 ° C (52.88 F) and the average amount of rainfall of 700 mm.

Kratovo is considered one of the oldest urban settlements. Under the name Cratiscara is mentioned in Roman time and under the name Koritos during Byzantium.

In the Middle Ages it was an important mining and commercial center in which people from Dubrovnik had its own trading colony. Apart from the local population of Kratovo, tradesman from Dubrovnik, there were also and Sassi who have dealt with mining, and from Kratovo mines received lead, zinc, silver, gold, copper and iron.

The stay of the Sassi is confirmed with some topographic names and also this goes for the people from Dubrovnik - (Latin) stream Latishnica. The intense mining continued during the Turks. In the XVI and XVIII c. Here silver coins were made.
After the Austro-Turkish War of 1689 to 1690 and Karposh uprising, the city was destroyed, and mine shafts closed. In the beginning of XIX c. center of mining becomes Zletovo and in Kratovo completely ceases mining activity.
At the end of XIX c. in Kratovo lived 4,500 residents of whom a significant number were Turks.

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