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Krusevo is city in the western part of the Republic of Macedonia with 5.330 inhabitants (2002).

Located on the southeastern slopes Busheva Mountains, at the source part of Krushevska River, at an altitude of about 1,250 m. It covers an area of 180 ha. Has a mountain climate with an average temperature of 8.5 ° C (47.3 F) and an average annual rainfall of 808 mm.

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Krusevo is highest urban settlement in the Republic of Macedonia.

First mentioned in 1468 when such Mezdra was given to Hussain Beg. Long was a small settlement, eg., In 1670 there were only 45 houses. Even at the end of XVIII c. With Vlach settlement it grew into urban settlement.

First Vlach settlers, who were mostly artisans and merchants came from Moskopole and its surroundings in the period from 1769 to 1788 and founded the Vlach neighborhood. In the beginning of XIX c. in the period from 1812 to 1821. in Krusevo migrates second group Vlachs,  from Gramos Mountain. They in Krusevo have established a new neighborhood known as Strunga. These people by occupation were mainly farmers and developed animal husbandry.
At the same time, from South Albania in Krusevo came and a group of Orthodox Albanians who settled left and right on Krushevska River and founded the Arnautskoto neighborhood.
From the surrounding villages moved a number of Macedonians in the north of the city formed the Upper neighborhood.
After the 30-ies of the XIX c. in Krusevo settled and Macedonians pastoralists from Miak villages: Galichnik Lazaropole, Tresonce, Gari and others., which founded the Miak neighborhood.
As craft and trade center Krusevo starts rapidly evolving and already in 1883 it lived 12,000 inhabitants.
During the suppression of the Ilinden Uprising, an assembly was burned, and much of the population emigrated. In 1921 the town had 3862 inhabitants, almost the same as in 1953, and is greatly increased even in 2002.



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