Makedonski Brod Macedonia

Makedonski Brod is a town in the western part of the Republic of Macedonia with 3.740 inhabitants (2002).


Where is Makedoski Brod:
Central Macedonia
88,897 ha
530 m (1738 ft)
Moderate continental
Dialing code:
+389 45
Postal code:
Time Zone:
Summer (DST):CST (UTC+2)
Celebration day:
September 7th
41°30′N 21°13′E

Municipality of Makedoski Brod
Address: 7 September 4th, 6530 Makedonski Brod
Phone: +38945274810
Fax: +38945274810
e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Located in the southern part of the Porec area, on both sides of the river Treska, at an altitude of about 530 m. It covers an area of 170 ha. It has a moderate continental climate with an average annual air temperature of 10,5 ° C (50,9 F) and the average annual amount of precipitation of 670 mm.
Through Makedonski Brod passes the regional road Prilep - Kicevo. The city was named after the scaffolding ship (Brod - ship) that was used on this place for passing the Treska river on the road Prilep - Kicevo.
Makedoski Brod is an old settlement. First mentioned in a charter of King Stefan Uros in 1300 The old part of the settlement was located on the left bank of the river Treska.



Old postcards from Makedonski Brod


As town was proclaimed in 2004 and it is the center of the Municipality of Makedonski Brod, which covers an area of 88,897 ha, with 51 settlements and 7.141 inhabitants. In the city there are no national minorities, 99.6% of the population are Macedonians. Of industrial buildings has a textile factory and a furniture factory. In the village Samokov has a factory specializing in the metal industry, it also has a gymnasium and health center.


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