The Craft House (Занаетчиски дом) in Kumanovo city center

Craft House (Занаетчиски дом) in Kumanovo city center

The “Craft House” (Занаетчиски дом) or Kumanovo “Notre Dame” is the most recognizable landmark of Kumanovo city. It is work of the Russian engineer Vladimir Antonov (Владимир Антонов).
Situated in the center of Kumanovo on Nova Jugoslavija (New Yugoslavia) Square, the Craft House was started in May 1930 and was completed in 6 months.

Nova Jugoslavija Square, Kumanovo
It was the first facility in Kumanovo with its own water supply system, which consisted of a well that, through a pipe system, pumped water onto the roof in a reservoir, for the needs of the sanitation facilities in the building.
Initially, the object was designed to be put into a function of the craft youth in Kumanovo and during the years it had various functions.
Today the building is divided into three parts, ie a ground floor with a trade function, a large hall and office, and residential part.
It can be said that the Craft House is in the center of all events in Kumanovo.


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