Zebrnjak, Memorial ossuary in Mlado Nagoricane (Зебрњак, Спомен костурница, Младо Нагоричане)

In the area of the village Mlado Nagoricane (Младо Нагоричане) is located the Zebrnjak (Зебрњак) monument erected in honor of victims of the First Balkan War, who lost their lives on this place at the famous Kumanovo battle (Кумановска битка) in 1912.

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The monument was built in 1937 from gray basalt stone. Above the circular crypt 18.5 meters high, was raised three sided pyramidal tower 30 meters high, which is missing today, since it was destroyed during the Bulgarian occupation in 1942.
By its architecture, this monument was unique in the Balkans, the work of the Belgrade architect Momir P. Korunovik (Момир П. Коруновиќ) (1883-1969).
The Kumanovo battle (23 and 24 October 1912) was  one of the battles that determined the outcome of the First Balkan War.
In Kumanovo battle participated the first Serbian army commanded by Alexander Karagjorgjevic  (Александар Караѓорѓевиќ) on one side and Turkish Vardar Army, on the other. In two days of fighting in this place (Zebrnjak) , the Army Corps of Fethi Pasha (Фети-паша) were defeated, which were part of the Vardar Army commanded by Zeki Pasha (Зеки-паша). After the battle, the Turkish army was forced to withdraw toward Skopje and Povardarie region, and later from Macedonia.

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